Charles Plaisir

Charles Alexandre Plaisir

Bienvenue, Welcome, Bienvenido, I am Charles Plaisir, a rising wildlife ecologist and science communicator…

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What drives me

I contribute to a world where everyone gets an equal chance to excellence, to drive and to dreams. A world where the joint transmission of knowledge and passion prevails, independently of the audience. A world in which people listen to each other, and care for the democratization of science.

What I engage in..

Science communication

Always in awe before what youth can retain from such a young age, I love sharing my highly contagious passion about the natural world with them. There is nothing greater than seeing your audience become amazed about a previously unknown subject.

Ice hockey training

Hockey was an instrumental aspect of my childhood, having started even before enrolling in preschool. This passion brought me to Czechia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Slovakia, and countless other places that shaped me as a human being.

Video montage

As an aspiring filmmaker, I always prioritize quality over quantity. Every content that exits my video editing software represents my personality: every single detail in my work must be as good as I claim to be. Have a look here.